Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

Among the blossoms, a single jar of wine.
No one else here, I ladle it out myself.

Raising my cup, I toast the bright moon,
and facing my shadow makes friends three,

though moon has never understood wine,
and shadow only trails along behind me.

Kindred a moment with moon and shadow,
I've found a joy that must infuse spring:

I sing, and moon rocks back and forth;
I dance, and shadow tumbles into pieces.

Sober, we're together and happy. Drunk,
we scatter away into our own directions:

intimates forever, we'll wander carefree
and meet again in Milky Way distances.

Li Po

1 comment:

Zhenkai Yuan said...

月既不解饮,影徒随我身。 暂伴月将影,行乐须及春。
我歌月徘徊,我舞影零乱。 醒时同交欢,醉后各分散。