Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Loveliness is everywhere

the loveliness is everywhere
in the ugliest
and most hostile environment
the loveliness is everywhere
at the turning of a corner
in the eyes
and on the lips
of a stranger
in the emptiest areas
with no place for hope
and only death
to invite the heart
the loveliness is everywhere
it emerges
it rises in its own reality
and what we must learn is
how to receive it
into ours.

Kenneth White

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Anonymous said...

loveliness is a gift of god. and only those people can appreciate it who have eyes to see and ears to hear. the five senses are enough since they are what the child used to explore the universe with. and he is the happiest creature on the face of the earth. behind words which cause the worst depression and end in the worst death lies a world of infinite beauty. it is available to the child till he is three years old and it is available to the 90 year old who still celebrates his birthday like it were his 1st. to keep the candle lit in one's heart and continue exploring, experimenting, excreting, experiencing and exerting one's vitality over and over again is the art of life. never say no and be life-affirming since life is here today and gone tomorrow. enjoy each second like it was forever and ever. and never's no return no deposit. and you only live once.