Saturday, February 28, 2015


I was never a wild child 'til you untamed me
A cold-blooded creature, 'til you enflamed me
Bashful and self-contained, 'til you unashamed me
Nobody, nobody, nobody 'til you named me

Now you are the air that fills my lungs
You are the breath that makes me strong
You are the catch that sticks in my throat
You are the burden of my song
You are the burden of my song

I can barely remember a time before you
These arms were invented just to reassure you
And these eyes were devised specifically to adore you
Seeing nobody, nobody, nobody 'til they saw you

(Chorus) Now you are the air...

You are my hook
My life's refrain
And I know you'll come around again

Now you are the air...


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